Thursday, 20 August 2015

Our parachute challenge!!

Room one have been working hard over the past week creating parachutes which reduce the effects of gravity. The challenge was to design and create a parachute that would bring their lego man slowly to the ground. 

Today each group tested their finished parachutes and we timed their fall to see which group created the most efficient parachute!

Here is our winning group! Hayley, Freya and Kaitlyn's parachute fell to the ground in 2.64 seconds!


  1. Love the photos Room 1, Charlotte would like to know how you made the parachutes? Did you make 1 or lots asked Jack.

  2. Great questions Room 5!: Charlotte -we made the parachutes from plastic bags and string. They all had lego people hanging off the parachute. Some people sellotaped two or three bags together.
    Jack - each group made one each. They had to test them out and make changes if they didn't work properly.


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