Friday, 4 August 2017

Animals in zoos

Information Report Example 1:

Families from all over the world come to see different animals at the zoo. They enjoy going to the zoo and look at the meerkats, seals and elephants. The first animal I will be talking about is meerkats.

Meerkats are little creatures that normally build their burrows underground.  They stand on their hind legs to look out for danger.  They are brown and their fur is short.  Seals also have very short fur, they will be discussed next.

Seals live in water.  They are extremely good at swimming.  They have very short ears.  They hardly have fur on their skin.  Some people train seals to do tricks.  Both seals and elephants have grey skin.

Elephants are big animals.  They have humungous ears and a long trunk. They use their trunk to spray water over them.  They have 3 toenails on each foot.

I think the zoo is a great place to see lots of animals, and to have time with your family.  You can spend hours watching animals and have lots of fun.

Written by: Joanna Armstrong.

Information Report Example 2:

Lots of families go to the zoo. It is a great place to have a good time looking at animals that come from all over the world. They look at the giraffes, tigers and meerkats. One of the animals I will talk about is the giraffes.

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They can grow up to 5.5 metres tall. Their long necks helps them reach the green leaves at the top of the trees. They live in places like Africa and desert- like places. Tigers also lives in similar places.
Image result for sad tiger in zoos
Tigers have orange and black stripes and they are the largest cat species in the world. They mainly eat meat and like to play around just like meerkats.

Meerkats are small brown animals. They like to live in small underground holes and are mammals. The meerkats come from the mongoose family and like to play around in the sun. Often they stand on their back legs to look out for danger.

Going to the zoo is a great place to spend a nice summer's day. You can feed some animals and get close up. The zoo is a great and fun place to spend your holidays.

Written by: Amber Wotherspoon

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