Friday, 7 July 2017

Sustainability with Clothing

By Bailey Ogle

My film for being ‘Sustainable for Tomorrow” was focused on recycling old school uniforms.  I was interested in choosing this topic as I understood that the world is running out of space for landfill and one of the biggest issues is how often people throw away useful items that can be recycled or reused.

I wanted to ‘make a BIG difference’ in my own school, therefore I looked at what could be done with our ‘old’ Stanley Avenue School sports uniforms.  One idea that was very good, was giving our old sport uniforms away to be used by anyone who would appreciate them.  At Stanley Avenue School we have been ‘lucky’ to receive up-dated sport uniforms.  Rather than just putting them away in storage, our school had a very good idea on how they could be useful etc.  

The photos that are shown, have come from a school in Fiji.  You will see that our Stanley Avenue School old sports uniforms have been sent from our school to theirs and the Fijian students have been very happy to receive and be ‘wearing’ these sport uniforms.

After doing my film, I have come to realise that we are ‘very fortunate’ to live in a wealthy country like New Zealand.  We have plenty of food, clean water and a roof over our heads.  It has made me more grateful for my Mum than I could ever be, as she is able to provide myself and my siblings with money and food etc.  I have learnt that being ‘more sustainable’ can change the world, just by making a donation or caring more about our environment.

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