Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Term 1: Weeks 5 - 7


As part of our leadership project for this term, we looked at what aspects of leadership looked liked for our class.

This is what our school leaders from Room 1 think:


Friendship is very good to have between someone because f you fall over, you will have someone to help you get up!  It also is very good, because if you feel down or sad, they help you feel up and happy!
- Chloe Keene

It is encouraging everybody and helping them to do their best.  Friendship is looking out for each other and making sure everyone is involved.  It is sharing ideas and making sure everyone gives everything a go! 
- Mekayla Knight

Having friends means they should encourage you.  Be caring and help each other.  It also means you're not lonely.  But the most important thing is to treat them how you want to be treated. 
- Kalim Thomson


Success at school is very helpful because you meet new friends and also you will have a better chance of getting into university.  Plus you will have a good CV to hand in and get a job!
- Chloe Keene

Success is where you can improve and feel proud about what you succeed.  You get high achievement. You need a good attitude to succeed and last of all, you need to focus.
- Kalim Thomson

Team Spirit

It is kind of the same as friendship.  You encourage your team and make sure they give it their best. Congratulate them or make them feel good.  You make sure everyone is participating.
- Mekayla Knight


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Facts about Eliza ...

Eliza McCartney is a famous pole vaulter.

She holds the record for NZ and Oceania at 4.82 m.

Eliza started pole vaulting in 2011.

She won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Her mum was a gymnast and her dad was a high jumper.

Her pole vaulter coach was called Jeremy McCall.

She loved playing netball before she started pole vaulting.

She was born in Auckland on December 1996.

Eliza won another bronze medal at the Halberg Awards 2016.

Why she is a leader ...

I think Eliza McCartney is an inspirational leader because she never gives up. She is very fit and trains six days a week and 3 to 4 hours each day.

Eliza has a lot of courage and momentum. Before she went to the Rio 2016 Olympics she said: My goal is to have the best technical competition I have.

Eliza McCartney pushes herself to her limits. Even if she fails she tries harder next time. She is always smiling and is very happy all the time. That’s why I think Eliza is an inspirational leader.

Pole vaulting:
Yelena Isinbayeva set the women’s highest pole vault at 5.05m at the 2008 Olympics. The flexible pole used to be made of stiff materials like bamboo or aluminium now a days it is made from fibreglass or carbon fibre. You have to have a fast speed to go over the horizontal bar. Women did not compete in pole vault in the Olympics until 2000. The pole they use to go over the bar is 3.05 to 5.30 metres long.
In the old days the ancient Greeks used pole vault to go over enemy walls, they also used pole vault to go on animals like bulls and horses.

How to Hold A Pole:
First the vaulter places their hands spaced apart on the end of the pole. You have to hold the pole in a vertical position. Then you slowly lower the tip when you approach the pit and take off.

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