Wednesday, 25 October 2017

learning and understanding figurative language

Understanding Figurative language
Last week we were learning and understanding figurative language. Here is my example to show that I know what figurative language is.

Giving a random object a human like trait.
The flower danced in the breeze
Saying an object is something but it isn't.
The hands on the clock are strong arms.
Using words like, or as to compare one thing to another.
The ruler snapped and the end of it was as sharp as a sword.
You describe something but you don’t say what it is
A roll of meat was wrapped up in a blanket of puff pastry. As I chewed a dictionary of flavors exploded beneath my lips.
A strong sentence that exaggerates to make your writing sound stronger.
She screamed on the ferris wheel as if she was getting touchered and about to be sliced open.

When you use words like BANG, CRASH, OUCH to show how it would’ve sounded
The cat ran through the house when she heard her tasty treats,  BANG goes the chair that just flipped by that fat cat.
By using a range of words that start with the same letter but still makes sense.
The mighty mad monkey made a marvelous movie about moons.
You use words into a sentence to confuse someone
It's raining cats and dogs.

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